ESIC present coach bug findings; 37 coaches handed coaching ban

    Recently, the CS:GO scene was sent into turmoil as multiple coaches, such as Hunden, dead, received bans for abusing a spectator bug which allowed them to get an unfair advantage as they could spectate the map from a point of view other than their team players.

    ESL took swift action against HUNDEN, dead, and MechanoGun by banning them from ESL competition, for 12 months, 6 months, and 24 months respectively. These occurrences also prompted an ESIC inquiry to further investigate which coaches have abused the bug and take necessary disciplinary action.

    ESIC, Esports Integrity Commission, have presented their findings for the coaching bug, and have levied bans on 37 coaches for varying durations, based on the severity of their acts.

    The ESIC findings of the bug have placed bans on multiple well-known members of the community such as starix, pita, dead, hunden, robban, and Rejin.

    The bans range from 36 months, for zoner- Hard Legion’s coach, to 3.75 months for Fetish who used the bug for 4 rounds compares to zoner’s 424. A whole list compiled via rounds the bug was used for can be found here. 

    An example of the coaching bug can be seen above. The coach can see above and beyond their own players POV, allowing them to call out necessary information to players which could be round shifting. This particular screenshot is taken from the following Twitter post which reflects Starix’s POV against Tricked esports in the Katowice 2017 Qualifier. The CIS Coach has been banned for 10 months for abusing the bug for 15 rounds.

    The banned coaches have certain restrictions being placed on them. Over and above being banned from being in the same server as their players, the coaches can neither physically be present around the team 15 minutes before their official match nor communicate with them 15 minutes before the game begins. Additionally, coaches cannot aid the players in the veto process and neither can they be in the “official match channel on Discord Server” 

    There are three types of bans given out, which are influenced by the number of times the coach abused the spectator bug, and if they helped out with the investigation through confessions and other methods. ESIC’s matrix for the same can be seen using the following link.

    However, this could only be the starting of this investigation. Only 20% of available data (99,650 demos) has been examined, and there are a lot more demos that are to be examined.

    Could more coaches come under fire for this scandal?

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