Manchester City star, Sergio Aguero forms esports organization

    Following several other traditional sports players, Sergio Aguero has decided to enter the field of esports. Aguero has founded an esports organization called KRÜ Esports, where the player is the founder and CEO.

    According to the website, the organization plans to go beyond being an esports organization. Aguero has an “aim of bringing his experience in the world of traditional professional sport to the universe of electronic sports and new digital media.” The organization plans on “destigmatizing the socio-cultural vision that is usually had in relation to video games.”

    While the organization has not disclosed which esports titles they will host teams in, they do have major plans in esports. The website reveals that the organization will not only be singing organizations, but also streamers under their banner. “We accompany the growth of our players, coaches, analysts, managers, and streamers with tools so they can develop and show the whole world their potential.

    The organization is headquartered in Argentina and Spain, thus making sense that the organization would be interested in talent from the above-mentioned countries.

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