Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez smashes Twitch viewership records with first ever stream

    A few days ago, a tweet by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gained a lot of traction. The politician was looking for players to play AmongUs with friends with the sole aim to spread awareness about voting to Americans.


    Quickly, popular streamer Pokimane replied to the tweet and said that she would be honored to play with AOC. A lot of other popular streamers such as DrLupo, Disgusted Toast, Myth amongst others joined AOC, to play the highly popular game- Among Us.

    AOC’s stream quickly gained numbers on Twitch. The stream peaked at 439,000 viewers, making it the third-highest CCV count in Twitch History. AOC’s stream comes in third place behind Shroud’s recent return to Twitch after a liaison with Mixer, and Ninja’s 2018 collab with Drake, and other popular celebrities when they played Fortnite.

    AOC received great praise from the community for promoting voting through Twitch, and using Push To Talk on her first stream ever. A few highlights from the highly comical stream can be seen in the video in the Tweet below.

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