T69 demolish ALC to qualify for TEC Gauntlet main event

    Team T69 opted for an old-school lineup starting out on the Defence on Ascent, with Sahil ‘strixx’ Rane on the Killjoy while Sami Ar ‘SSami’ Rahman donned the Jett for the team. ALC on the other hand, went with the meta, relying on the Astra, Killjoy, Phoenix combination to kick in. 


    It was T69 though, who started out strong, winning the pistol and then converting ALC’s force-buy. ALC though, hit back on their first buy round, executing a proper A take to get themselves on the board. The two teams traded a round each before T69 started establishing dominance. With the scoreline at 5-2, strixx got a triple kill with a brilliant lurk to push the scoreline further in T69’s favour. ALC continued to find some solace towards the A site, adding another round to their still miser tally. However, T69 rode the wave of momentum to end the half with a dominating 9-3 lead. ALC looked to have gained an advantage in the second pistol round but Tanmay ‘FOX’ Verma and Shreyas ‘Edit99’ Kshirsagar converted a 2v4 situation to pile more misery on the Defenders. T69 quickly raced to a 12-3 lead, with 9 map points to close out Ascent. ALC did try for a comeback but were stopped in their tracks after winning a single round, thanks to a completely empty B site resulting from an excellent fake, with T69 closing out Ascent with a 13-4 scoreline.


    T69 were relentless in Attack on Bind as well, continuing their dominance from Ascent. ALC had to wait till the 5th round to get themselves on the board, with Mohit ‘OrangeLeaf’ Sharma coming up huge with a triple-kill at A to secure the round. ALC found some sort of momentum and seized on it, crawling back to bring themselves within a round of T69 at 5-6. However, FOX played it safe on the post-plant at B, seizing a triple-kill on his own to complete a 1v1 clutch and ensure T69 go into the second half with a minor lead. ALC on the other hand, had tasted blood and were out looking for redemption, winning the second-half pistol to bring the lead back to within just one round. Thereafter, it was all T69 as ALC just couldn’t get going on the Defence after losing the anti-eco. T69 looked to be in a hurry to wrap up things, racing to a 12-6 and so did SSami, who made sure his team converted the very first map and series point with a triple-kill on his Jett.


    With this 2-0 series win (13-4 Ascent, 13-6 Bind) over ALC, T69 secure their place in the main event of the TEC Gauntlet, for the first season at least. ALC on the other hand, have been eliminated and will now have to wait for the next set of qualifiers. 

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