Enigma make light work of Rapid to book Main Event slot at TEC Gauntlet

    Enigma gaming brushed aside the challenge posed by Team Rapid with a 2-0 scoreline (13-3 Ascent, 13-2 Icebox) to join other already qualified teams at the TEC Gauntlet Main Event. 

    Enigma chose to put Saharyar ‘BadMan’ Shaikh on Cypher, a pick that has become rather unconventional these days on Ascent. The Attackers got a couple of rounds on the board before a triple kill from Knull gave Team Rapid their first round. Thereafter, the two teams traded blows, with Team Rapid doing their best to stand up to Enigma Gaming. However, after 6-3, the 1v1 clutch in the postplant situation at A from Prabhdeep ‘Ghost’ Bhatia seemed to push Team Rapid over the edge. Enigma ended the first half 9-3, with Ghost leading the scoreboard on 19 kills. Enigma won the second pistol as well and then continued to press on the offensive even on Defence to push the scoreline to 12-3 in their favour. With the odds stacked against Team Rapid, unrelenting aggression from Enigma paid off once again, this time at B, with Shakir ‘h1kkA’ Razak getting the first two kills and his teammates putting the final nails on the proverbial coffin. 


    Enigma secured Ascent 13-3 and had no intent of letting Team Rapid find any way of improving upon the same on Icebox. Enigma chose to field a rather conventional lineup, with Rishabh ‘ezzzyyyxD’ Gupta on the Omen as the Mumbai-based roster started on the Defence, shutting down Team Rapid’s successive rushes at B and Mid respectively to gain a 2-0 lead. Like Ascent though, Team Rapid found joy at A on the 3rd round and converted it to get themselves on the board on Icebox. It was one-way traffic there onwards, with Enigma Gaming not giving an inch of room to Team Rapid. It wasn’t until the 11th round that Team Rapid got something going and a quick mid rush on the Quasi buy saw Team Rapid double their scoreline. A triple-kill and a 1v1 clutch on the last round of the first-half from ezzzyyyxD ensured Enigma go into the second half with a 10-2 scoreline. Once again, Enigma won the second pistol and spurred on to close out Icebox 13-2, thanks to a quick A execute. 


    The key to Enigma’s dominance was their ability to win all four pistol rounds and convert the subsequent anti-eco. Ghost went berzerk for Enigma with a total of 46 kills in just 31 rounds over the two maps and was undoubtedly the MVP of the series. 

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