Team Fangs overpower Orgless to secure slot at the TEC Gauntlet Main Event

    Team Fangs persevered through Orgless with a 2-0 series win (13-5 Split, 13-8 Haven) to book their slot at the Main Event at TEC Gauntlet, with the team riding the momentum wave on both maps to deny Orgless any chance of a comeback.


    Fangs pulled out the Sova, a highly unconventional pick for a map like Split and it seemed to pay early dividends. Fangs started out on the Attacking side and successfully took over the A site to get the pistol round while a triple-kill from B2 saw the team convert the anti-eco. The two teams traded rounds, with back-and-forth action a treat for the viewers. At 6-4, Fangs started seizing momentum, with the team ending the half on the back of a couple of fast hits to extend their lead to 8-4. A brilliant retake of the A site from Fangs pushed Orgless further towards the edge, with the former winning the subsequent two rounds to secure an 11-4 lead. Orgless finally got one round back on the 16th, with a triple kill from ENRYU during an A execute providing some hope of a comeback. However, Orgless couldn’t repeat the same feat towards the A site, with Fangs retaking the site with aplomb to be on 7 map points. Orgless chose to call for a mid-B slow split but Cactus rained on their parade with some aggressive positioning at Mid. Cactus may not have gotten the ace but his quad-kill took care of business for Fangs, who won Split with a dominating 13-5 scoreline.


    Orgless started out on Haven looking for revenge and found it on the C Side on the pistol, demolishing Fangs and their attempt to defend. Orgless raced to a 4-0 lead and it looked like Fangs had gotten their first round on board for Haven when the former converted a 3v5 post-plant situation to take one more step towards a potential decider. Some ballsy plays from Fangs on the thrifty retake attempt finally got them their first round, with SmokeA coming up huge for his side with a triple-kill towards A. Another successful A retake and a few rounds after, the scoreline read 5-5 on Haven. The match was evenly poised at 6-6 going into the second half but it was Fangs this time who pressed home the aggression on Attack, albeit on the A site. Fangs engineered momentum and their players carried it forward, with five successive rounds on the Attack. A triple-kill from B2 during a post-plant situation at C pushed Fangs on to map and series point at 12-6. Orgless denied Fangs two series points but the latter chose to hit familiar territory once again at A after what looked like a scuffed fake at C. The A take though, worked, thanks to SmokeA brute-forcing his way onto the site and getting a triple-kill to secure Haven for Fangs with a 13-8 scoreline.


    It was SmokeA who shined for Fangs in a secondary duelist role, with 42 kills to his name while Cactus put in a shift on the Jett with 5 first kills on each map. As far as the MVP is concerned, SmokeA edged his fellow teammate for this series.

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