GodLike rummage through 7 Sins to seal place in TEC Gauntlet Main Event

    GodLike Esports made quick work of 7 Sins in the Round of 32 Best-of-3 Series at the TEC Gauntlet Open Qualifiers, winning the series 2-0 (13-5 Ascent, 13-5 Haven) to book their place in the Main Event. 


    GodLike Esports started quick on Ascent on the Attacking side, winning the pistol and the subsequent round with relative ease. The 3rd round came down to a 1v1 between Whitehorse and MindfuQ and it was the former who completed a triple-kill clutch in the post-plant scenario to extend GodLike’s lead to 3-0. The two teams went at it, with GodLike relying on DeathMaker to pry open areas and sites while 7 Sins attempted to regain control of some areas through calculated aggression. As the scoreline read 7-3, JuzO went ham with the Operator, with a triple securing the fourth round for 7 Sins. The half though, ended 8-4 in GodLike’s favour, thanks to Whitehorse and his triple-kill towards B. Another triple-kill from GodLike’s Omen saw them win the second pistol. DeathMaker & co. soon raced to a 12-4 lead before 7 Sins could put up their first round of the half on the board. They did so through a triple-kill clutch from Fuze on the Reyna. However, it was too little too late as GodLike proceeded to convert the very next map point with a successful retake of the A site to take home Ascent 13-5.


    With the proceedings now moving on to Haven, it was Rexy who ensured GodLike maintain their streak of winning pistol rounds in this series with a 1v1 clutch over Rude. 7 Sins though, found some room to maneuver around at A on the 3rd round and used it to their advantage to open their scoring for the map. GodLike though did not give any further room in the upcoming rounds, extending their lead to five rounds. The two teams traded rounds thereafter, with Haivaan’s 1v1 clutch over MindfuQ pushing the scoreline to 8-2 in GodLike’s favour. The Defenders could have ended the half 10-2 had Whitehorse managed to convert the 1v3 retake scenario in his favour. However, GodLike still entered the second half with a steady 9-3 lead. Fuze’s triple kill to start the second half meant 7 Sins had broken GodLike’s streak of winning all pistol rounds in this series up until this point while also creating some momentum for a potential comeback. 7 Sins did somehow convert the ensuing round but that was all they could muster as GodLike started rummaging through the carcasses on Haven while on the Attacking side. A triple kill from Haivaan towards A on the 17th round catapulted GodLike to seven map and series points, with the Attackers grabbing the very first chance to do so, thanks to a triple-kill clutch in the postplant scenario at C site from Whitehorse.


    It is tough to look past DeathMaker for the MVP for GodLike in this series, even though WhiteHorse came up clutch on several occasions and matched DeathMaker toe-to-toe in terms of frags on Ascent. 

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