Kuch Bhi register first Group Stage victory with win over ROG Academy

    ROG Academy were undone by Kuch Bhi, who managed to open their account in Group B of the TEC Gauntlet with a 2-0 series win (13-11 Haven, 13-10 Bind) over the former. 

    ROG Academy went for a routine composition on Haven whereas Kuch Bhi opted to sacrifice a second duelist in favour of the Sage pick. Hoax picked up the pistol round for ROG Academy with a 1v2 clutch at C site. Kuch Bhi responded instantly with a thrifty. ROG Academy though, started piling rounds once on the full buy and secured a 4-2 lead, which became 5-3 after the two teams traded a round each. However, Kuch Bhi managed to string together four rounds in succession to go into the second half with a 7-5 lead. Kuch Bhi bagged the second half pistol and the resulting anti-eco to race to a 9-5 lead. The two teams traded rounds and soon, Kuch Bhi reached a lead of 12-8. Hoax made sure they couldn’t close out the map, with a quad-kill to complete a retake. Consecutive triple kills from Rio and ROG Academy were within a single round of forcing overtime. Sahil ‘pashasahil’ Pasha though, got a couple of kills with the Blade Storm enabling the plant at A and the round to close out Haven 13-11. 

    ROG Academy pulled out the Yoru pick on Bind, with Hoax running the said agent while also picking Omen whereas Kuch Bhi went for Astra as their designated controller. Kuch Bhi won the first couple of rounds but ROG Academy once again piled up three rounds in succession to gain the lead. Kuch Bhi though, dominated on the Attack with quick rushes on both sites to great success. The Attackers raced to an 8-3 lead but ROG Academy ensured the scoreline was somewhat salvageable by winning a 2v2 situation at A. Kuch Bhi reached double figures soon with the pistol win in the second half and the subsequent round win. ROG Academy powered through with a similar philosophy on the Attack, with quick rushes yielding success. The 18th round saw Hoax pull out a quad-kill to secure the post-plant win at B to reduce Kuch Bhi’s lead to just 2 points. A triple from Rio saw them come within a point of Kuch Bhi, who subsequently won a couple of rounds to reach map and series point. Rya converted the 1v1 clutch at B to push ROG Academy to double figures. ROG Academy opted for the B rush but were thwarted n their efforts soon as Kuch Bhi earned a 13-10 win on Bind.

    Saloni ‘Meow16k’ Pawar was the star of the series as Kuch Bhi lodged their first victory of the TEC Gauntlet Group Stages, with the designated Sentinel grabbing 43 kills to her credit, with a Kill\Death Ratio of 1.59.

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