Enigma Gaming stave off Fangs challenge in Group B encounter

    Enigma Gaming mounted a comeback after a disappointing first map loss to Fangs to secure a 2-1 series win (6-13 Ascent, 13-5 Haven, 13-3 Icebox) in an intriguing Group B affair. 


    Both the teams went with the meta for Ascent, with Fangs opting for the Reyna pick while Enigma chose to stick to Phoenix as the secondary duelist. A quadkill from B2 on the B defence yielded Fangs the pistol round and they rallied on to secure a 4-0 lead. ezzzyyxD clutched the 1v1 situation against eddshot machine to get Enigma on the board, with the Attackers getting their second thanks to a quadkill by Prabhdeep ‘Ghost’ Bhatia on the following round. Fangs though, continued to defy Enigma’s attacks with solid setups and retakes to race to an 8-4 lead. Enigma cut the lead into half, winning the pistol on the back of the B defence. Once the full buy rolled in for Fangs, they proceeded to put their strategies into motion, carefully entering sites and taking control to race to a 12-6 lead. A good zoning Lockdown from Fangs on the B post-plant wasted enough of Enigma’s time in the 2v2 situation to close out Ascent 13-6. 


    On Haven, Enigma went for a single duelist composition, favouring the Sage pick instead whereas Fangs opted to go for the norm. Fangs started where they had left off, winning the pistol and the ensuing round with ease. Enigma responded with three of their own but soon the two teams proceeded to trade rounds, with the half ending in Enigma’s favour by a narrow two point margin. Enigma started the second half on the right foot, with an A split rush, grabbing the pistol. Badman instructed the troops to go for quick takes and it yielded results, with Enigma racing to a 12-5 lead. Ghost opened up things on the A site once again, with a couple of kills as Enigma threw Killjoy’s Lockdown at A short to push Fangs back. Enigma planted the spike with a 4v3 advantage and converted it to close out Haven 13-5.


    Enigma and Fangs both opted for the single duelist, Viper and Sage composition. Enigma had the momentum and continued to win gunfights at crucial chokepoints to win the pistol and the resulting anti-eco. Fangs hit back instantly on their first full-buy, with Cactus shining with a triple kill. Enigma resumed their onslaught though, racing to a 6-1 lead. A quadkill from ezzzyyxD on the A site enabled Enigma to retake the site with ease and extend their lead. Godvexy caught two Fangs players on the flank on the 12th round, ending up with a triple kill and pushing Enigma’s lead to 11-1. Fangs showed some signs of a comeback on the second half, with eddshot machine using the Sage wall to perfection to get the defuse in at B. Fangs defied Enigma’s force buy as well to lodge their 3rd round. However, the Sheriffs proved too powerful at B for Fangs as Enigma broke back to move to map and series point. Enigma hurried towards the A site, got the spike planted and defended it well on the 16th round to close out Icebox with a comfortable 13-3 scoreline.


    Ghost was once again, the best performer out of the 10 players in the series, boasting an ADR of 179.7 and a match-high 57 kills to his name. This, along with an Average Combat Score of 299, makes him the WD Black MVP of the series.

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