The Esports Team swept away as Velocity Gaming complete unbeaten Group Stage

    Velocity Gaming recorded another milestone, going the full Group Stage at TEC Gauntlet in Group B unbeaten, registering a quick 2-0 series win over The Esports Team in their final match of the event. The Esports Team have also qualified for the Main Stage of the first season.

    Both the teams fielded an almost identical composition, with the only change coming in the form of Sentinel, with TET opting for the Cypher while VLT went with the Killjoy. Sahil ‘strixx’ Rane punished Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma’s Garage push to gain an early advantage, which meant TET converted the pistol. A couple of crucial triple kills from Mohit ‘mw1’ Wakle saw VLT level up the scores. Mw1 continued the onslaught as VLT reached a 4-2 lead. Mw1 almost made it 5-2 with a triple-kill but couldn’t get the defuse in time. TET had to strive hard to get their fourth one but VLT were determined to go into the second half with sizeable lead, winning the last couple of rounds to extend their lead to 8-4. A good flank from Agneya ‘Marzil’ Koushik ensured the 2v2 went VLT’s way after some early skirmishes towards C resulted in an even contest. The bonus round was also won by VLT, with Marzil copping a double on the Sheriff – a triple in total. Mw1’s quad-kill towards A saw VLT convert the 2v2 at A as the Attackers reached map point. VLT rotated to the C site, entering the zone on the back of Sova’s drone to get the spike planted, with Tejas ‘rite2ace’ Sawant’s triple kill sealing a 13-4 win for his side.

    As the two teams entered the realms of Breeze, TET went for the Skye-Sova combination to scour for information while VLT chose to utilise the Brimstone and Viper to guard two extremes with two controllers. TET once again won the pistol, with strixx the hero one more time with a triple kill on his signature Jett. Once the full buy rolled in though, VLT started getting a grip on the proceedings, with TET unable to prevent VLT from retaking the sites, despite flashes of individual brilliance from their players. VLT allowed space to TET on some occasions and succeeded in retaking in numbers as they scavenged a 5-2 lead. Sagnik ‘hellff’ Roy brought the spike down at A entrance very late into the round but TET rallied to trade fast, get the spike down and defend the plant to lodge their third round on the map. TET had to come back from a deficit once again on the 12th round, with hellff getting an initial double kill to earn a two-man advantage. But, Sami Ar ‘SSSami’ Rahman’s double evened out the deficit and TET rallied to win the round to seal their fourth. An early push towards A yielded VLT the plant and the second-half pistol. VLT even converted their bonus round to race to an 11-4 lead before TET responded, retaking the site on the back of strixx’s triple-kill. VLT soon reached map and series point, with another successful plant at A on the back of Viper’s Toxic Screen. VLT rushed towards the B site, getting the spike planted on an empty site. Mw1 played the edge of the smokes through the defence entrance, getting a double kill with the Blade Storm that gave VLT enough of an advantage to push through and close out Breeze with a 13-5 scoreline.

    Mw1 seems to have developed a habit of garnering these WD Black MVP awards, getting another one in the breezy 2-0 win over TET. The designated duelist ended the match with 47 kills to his name along with an ADR of more than 200 (217.7). With the Average Combat Score of 356, mw1 is our WD Black MVP for the series.

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