Velocity Gaming demolish The Esports Team, proceed to Upper Bracket Semi-Finals

    Velocity Gaming made quick work of The Esports Team (13-5 Bind, 13-5 Breeze) in the first knockout match of TEC Gauntlet Season 1 to book their place in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals, where they will meet the winner of the match between GodLike Esports and Team Valor. 


    The action started on TET’s pick, Bind, with Mithul ‘Binks’ Nayak & co. fielding a rather orthodox composition whereas Velocity Gaming opted to strengthen their post-plant with the Brimstone-Viper duo. Starting on the Attack, TET gained early advantage through a straight A take, with Astra’s Nebulas providing control of the front half of the site. TET sought to gain map control of the same exact zone, this time on the back of Astra’s Cosmic Divide. But, a timely push from Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma denied them any control whatsoever, with Velocity getting themselves on the board. However, TET seemed to have come prepared with their executes yielding them two detonations and two more rounds, pushing their lead to 4-1. Velocity though, soon figured them out and levelled up the scoreline. TET gained a sizable 2v5 advantage entering B site. However, Mohit ‘mw1’ Wakle and Amaterasu combined to shut them down and hand Velocity the lead for the first time in the match. Agneya ‘Marzil’ Koushik seemed to have done enough with two early kills in the 12th round. But, TET rallied back to win the round and go into the second half with a narrow 5-7 deficit. Velocity nabbed the pistol on the back of a patient A take. Velocity also converted TET’s first buy round to race to a 10-5 lead. It looked like TET had finally managed to break Velocity’s stream. But, mw1 delivered when required, with an ace clutch to convert the round and dash TET’s hopes of a comeback. The lead soon stretched to 12-5 and Velocity soon closed out Bind 13-5 after faking a B take to encroach towards A site and grab control. 


    TET went for brownie points on Breeze, taking the map-friendly Yoru in their composition while Velocity stuck to their default lineup on their map pick. Velocity managed to retake A site on the back of some cheeky Cypher plays from Sagnik ‘hellff’ Roy to grab the pistol. TET though, forced the next round and Tanmay ‘notFOX’ Verma’s triple delivered an instant response. TET rallied to a 3-1 lead but Velocity took time to figure TET out in the initial rounds and proceeded to deny them spike plants in 6 of the next 8 rounds. TET managed just one more round, that too on the back of a quad-kill from notFOX as Velocity established an 8-4 lead. Velocity punished an early push from Binks, which stretched TET’s defence and won them the pistol. Velocity soon reached map and series points at 12-4 but TET denied them the first opportunity to close out Breeze, winning early skirmishes. However, mw1’s pick with the Operator on notFOX at A saw TET take the bait and rotate players over to the site as Velocity moved towards B to plant the spike and convert the post-plant to win Breeze 13-5.


    Mw1 was again the man in the spotlight for the series, with 40 kills and a positive Kill/Death differential of 16 to his name over the two maps. The Velocity duelist took home the WD Black MVP award for the match.

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