Global Esports emerge victorious in scrap against Samurai Esports

    Global Esports and Samurai Esports dished out a real nail-biting entertainer for the fans in the Upper Bracket Quarter-Final match at the main event of TEC Gauntlet Season 1. The former was stretched to the limit but managed to persevere over three maps that went the distance (14-12 Ascent, 11-13 Bind, 13-11 Split) as Global booked their spot in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals.


    Global Esports went with their default Ascent composition, with Bhavin ‘HellRanger’ Kotwani on the Breach in a single-duelist lineup. Samurai fielded Ayan ‘AyanQ’ Bhattacharya on the Jett, with Simar ‘psy’ Sethi donning the Sentinel role as Killjoy. Global started hot out of the gates, with the pistol and the ensuing round. Samurai though, used the full-buys to shut down Global and level up the scoreline. After a couple of trades, the scoreline read 4-4 when Samurai broke through to gain the lead, shutting down a B rush. A triple from psy towards A and a flawless round after, Samurai had gained a 7-4 lead, ending the half with another round win, thanks to a double-kill on the retake from Ayan through the Operator and the Blade Storm. A couple of kills from Shailesh ‘blackhawk’ Dalvi at under-heaven at A yielded Samurai the round. But, Global fought back, with Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar shooting some heads with the Marshall, getting a quad-kill to shut down Samurai’s A push. With SkRossi firing on all cylinders, Global rallied to level the scores at 9-9. Samurai soon reached 12, stringing together 3 rounds in a row. Facing defeat on Ascent, Global came into their own, shutting down Samurai’s attack. SkRossi’s quad-kill with the Operator on the 24th round forced the map into Overtime. In a 2v3 situation with the clock running down, HellRanger and Abhirup Paul ‘Lightningfast’ Choudhury rushed towards AyanQ, who was holding the A site for Samurai, getting the spike down and defending it to reach map point. Global retook A site with aplomb on the back of a 3v2 advantage to close out Ascent 14-12. 


    Global opted for the post-plant and entry heavy composition, featuring Brimstone, Viper, Sova and Skye, with SkRossi the sole duelist on Jett. And, they started out strong, with Lightningfast getting a triple to secure the pistol. A quad-kill from Lightningfast ensured Global Esports nabbed the bonus as well. However, Samurai woke up from their slumber, winning three in a row to level the scores. Global though, proceeded to shut Samurai’s Attacks down with aplomb, not even letting their adversaries the spike plant in the following four rounds, establishing a 7-3 lead. Samurai responded with two of their own, with AyanQ’s triple on the 12th round cutting the lead into half. A patient take of A site yielded Global the pistol. However, Samurai got in a thrifty towards B, retaking the site on the back of a triple from Karan ‘Excali’ Mhaswadkar. Samurai’s plan to allow Global control of the site and playing on the retake worked wonders as they went on a winning spree to make the score 11-11. Global took over A site and got the spike planted in a 5v4 situation after taking AyanQ down at U-halls. However, timely picks and Killjoy’s Lockdown forced their hand as Samurai moved to map point. Lightningfast used the Viper Pit near the Hookah area at B. But, a timely recon from Saransh ‘whimp’ Dang revealed Global’s attempt to encroach as Samurai closed out Bind 13-11 to force the decider, Split.


    Global stuck to their guns, bringing out the Breach and Omen on Split while Samurai went with Skye as their initiator. Global quickly raced to a 4-0 lead as the Defenders. But, Samurai responded with three dominant rounds to cut the lead into a single round. SkRossi’s triple on the 7th round ensured a thrifty for Global Esports as they romped ahead to gain a 7-3 lead. The two teams traded rounds thereafter. But, it was Samurai who hit first in the second half, getting a flawless round under their belt in the pistol, shutting down Global’s A rush. SkRossi continued to collect rounds single-handedly for Global on the Attack while Samurai dug deep to keep up with Global, despite their Jett’s heroics. With the score poised at 11-9 in Global’s favour, Samurai converted a 3v2 retake at B to pull one back. An ace from Whimp at B mains levelled up the scoreline. HellRanger caught blackhawk unawares on the flank at Mid as Global took over A site. Psy’s lockdown was destroyed by Global swiftly to get the round win and move to map and series point. Global finished things in style with a patient A take and a flawless round to close out Split 13-11 and win the series 2-1. 


    It was SkRossi who once again came to Global’s rescue as Samurai pushed his team to the absolute limit. The primary duelist ended the series with an ADR of 202.9 and 86 kill to his name, with a positive Kill/Death differential of 29 – the only Global player to end the series with a positive Kill/Death differential. The former BL4ZE Esports star rightly takes home the WD Black MVP award for the series.

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