Enigma see off Force One in close encounter

    Enigma Gaming overcame Force One x Leg Stump Esports in a neck-and-neck encounter (14-12 Ascent, 13-9 Breeze) to proceed to the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals of the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 Main Event. 


    The action began on Ascent, with F1LS starting out on the Attack without a flash in their arsenal, with Santhosh ‘Rafaaaa’ Kumar opting for the Raze instead of his signature Phoenix. Enigma stuck to the orthodox composition. F1LS baited the rotation towards B with the Sova Drone and their presence before bursting through A short and securing the round on the back of Abhay ‘KnightRider’ Mulchandani’s triple. F1LS kept clocking in Flawless rounds one after the other as they raced to an 8-0 lead. Prabhdeep ‘Ghost’ Bhatia put in the shift, grabbing a quad-kill clutch to defuse the spike and put Enigma on the board. However, Divyansh ‘Scargod’ Jain proceeded to nab 7 kills in the last two rounds of the half to end it with a 10-2 lead. Enigma went for a double fake on the pistol but F1LS read the situation perfectly and a triple from KnightRider ensured another round win. With Enigma facing defeat on Ascent at 12-2, F1LS tried to close out the map early and played into Enigma, who were happy to pick off players early on and convert the advantage into round wins. The 22nd round saw F1LS being forced into a three-man save as Enigma found themselves just two rounds away from forcing overtime. At 12-11, it seemed like Rafaaaa’s crucial double kill on the B retake would be enough but Ghost converted the 1v1 against Rishi ‘RvK’ Vijayakumar to force overtime. F1LS left it too late to hit A and a crucial kill on the spike holder by Shakir ‘hikka’ Razak saw Enigma run the clock down and move to map point. Being pincered in a 2v4 situation at A site, Scargod held firm and took a double but it wasn’t enough as Enigma closed out the map, with Rishabh ‘ezzyyyxD’ Gupta converting the 1v1 postplant.


    Onto Breeze now, F1LS had the task of keeping their heads about it after an excruciating loss on Ascent. F1LS pulled out the Skye on Rafaaaa and it paid dividends right away, with a triple from the former Team Tamilas star to nab the pistol for his side. ezzyyyxD though, pulled out a quad-kill on the Classic, winning the 1v1 against hikka at A to defuse the spike and break back immediately. The two teams traded rounds till the scores reached 3-3. However, Enigma soon started varying their rushes and applying quick takes of sites, which caught F1LS unaware and unable to respond in time. A triple each from Ghost on the 10th and 12th round and Enigma had raced to a 9-3 lead. Enigma picked off F1LS players early on to gain a sizeable advantage in the pistol and the triple from Ghost ensured a comfortable retake of the A site. Trailing 11-3, F1LS resorted to quick executes themselves and it started bearing fruit, with the lead shrinking to just three rounds. A quad-kill from KnightRider and F1LS were two rounds shy of levelling up the scores. However, Enigma won a thrifty on the back of hikka’s opening kill towards Mid, with Ghost taking three players down to elevate Enigma to map and series point. Enigma shut down F1LS in their attempt to take over A site to close out Breeze 13-9. 


    Ghost performed admirably throughout the series, with 43 kills to his name and an Average Combat Score of 246, making him the WD Black MVP of the series.

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