Force One eliminate Samurai to proceed at TEC Gauntlet Season 1 Main Event

    Samurai Esports have been eliminated from the Main Event of TEC Gauntlet Season 1 after losing their Lower Brackets date with Force One x Leg Stump Esports in a three-map thriller (13-10 Ascent, 4-13 Bind, 13-8 Split). 


    Samurai and F1LS went for orthodox compositions on Ascent, with the former fielding Reyna while F1LS went for Raze as their second duelist. F1LS tried for a late wrap around from A short gardens to A site but were denied by Karan ‘Excali’ Mhaswadkar as Samurai bagged the pistol. F1LS saw their duelists provide them with sizable advantages once the full-buy rolled in as they took a slim 3-2 lead. Samurai came back strongly with their defensive setups and locked in four in a row before Samurai responded with three of their own to end the half level-pegging. Samurai opted for a slow A split execute but F1LS stopped them, bagging a flawless pistol. Samurai decided to hit the B site on the back of Killjoy’s Lockdown on the 19th round, taking control of the site and converting it to take the lead at 10-9. Thereafter, it was all F1LS as they took charge of the proceedings, shutting down Samurai’s efforts to even get the plant down. At 12-10, Divyansh ‘Scargod’ Jain showed up big time for his time, with a triple denying Samurai control of A and ultimately finishing things off at 13-10.


    Bind saw Samurai pull out the dependable Brimstone on Shailesh ‘blackhawk’ Dalvi while F1LS stuck to their information and postplant-heavy composition. F1LS gained a 4v3 advantage before planting the spike at B but were forced to play passive and wrap around due to their low health. Simar ‘psy’ Sethi took advantage of the situation, getting the defuse in before the F1LS cavalry arrived. F1LS found themselves in an identical position on the 3rd round, albeit without the health handicap, converting the same to get themselves on the board. Samurai seemed to play on the retake and to good effect, getting the defuse in 8 rounds out of the 12 in the first half. F1LS could muster up just one more round in the half, which came by the way of a quick B execute, with Scargod also using the Viper’s Pit for more control over the site. F1LS could have found themselves 11-2 down after the second-half pistol if not for Shivam ‘shivy’ Ajmani’s 1v2 clutch to defuse the spike. Samurai went for the B hit on the force buy and got it to work to respond instantly. F1LS pulled one back facing 9 map points but Samurai secured a quick 13-4 win on Bind through an important double kill in the 2v2 scenario by Ayan ‘AyanQ’ Bhattacharya.


    Samurai chose to sacrifice the Sage pick on Split, a quintessential on every composition on the map, in favour of more burst potential through Skye, Jett and Raze while having Brimstone in their arsenal as well. However, with no Sage, F1LS had mid ripe for the taking, which they did to grab round after round to race to a 4-0 lead. Excali’s quad-kill towards A site got Samurai on the board but F1 continued their onslaught, stretching their lead to 7-2. Samurai though, pulled a couple of rounds back and the duo of psy and Excali ensured a flawless win on the 12th round. Samurai could have closed the gap further, after getting themselves into a 2v1 postplant at B. However, Abhay ‘KnightRider’ Mulchandani managed to take the two down after picking up the Frency from B Heaven to clutch the round for F1LS. F1LS rallied to shut Samurai down round after round, reaching a lead of 12-5. With survival on the line, Samurai showed they were up for the long comeback, winning the next three rounds. However, a triple kill from Santhosh ‘Rafaaaa’ Kumar towards the Defender Spawn ensured a 13-8 win for F1LS on Split.


    Despite losing, Excali bagged the WD Black MVP of the series award, with 62 kills to his name and an Average Combat Score of 313 as well as 206.7 ADR.

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