Cohesion end winless streak with win routine win over Orgless 5

    Team Cohesion finally improved upon their winless record in TEC Gauntlet Season 2 with a win over fellow Group B strugglers Orgless 5, finishing the best-of-three series with successive map wins (13-8 Bind, 13-7 Haven).


    Orgless 5 and Cohesion both made changes to their roster, with the former bringing in Arnav ‘Logistaa’ Kalra while the latter added former Reckoning Esports star Piyush ‘clouda’ Kalwania to their squad. Cohesion opted for a SuperMassive Blaze composition, which has already been adapted by the likes of Enigma Gaming earlier. Orgless 5 though, continued to pick the Jett-Raze combo instead of going for the Sage. Cohesion won the first couple of rounds but Orgless 5 responded on their full buy, with Kevin ‘Kev’ Sherla recording a triple kill. Orgless 5 had to wait till the 8th round for another successful raid, this time powered by the combination of Logistaa and Harsh ‘bullseye’ Yadav, with the latter converting a 1v2 clutch situation at B. Cohesion had Sachin Suresh ‘Con3’ Golhar step up to the plate and win the 1v2 clutch at A site to make it 8-2 in their favour. The half ended 10-2 but Orgless 5 started brightly, retaking A site to win the pistol. Cohesion punished Logistaa’s Showers push to even out the numbers advantage, before rushing A to move on to map point. Harsh ‘f1redup’ Jain showed up big time, with a quad-kill on the Operator to deny the first map point. It was bullseye who paid for his aggression at B long on the 21st round, with Cohesion moving like a team to preserve the numbers advantage to close out Bind 13-8.


    Orgless 5 opted for the meta-friendly Sova-Skye composition while Cohesion chose to stick with a standard lineup for Haven. Cohesion absolutely dominated the early proceedings to grab a 4-0 lead. Cohesion took over the A site but their Killjoy Lockdown proved to be a little too late as Orgless 5 retook the site in the meanwhile, grabbing their first round of the map. Cohesion continued to stretch Orgless 5’s defensive setups, with a 7-1 lead to show for their efforts. The two teams traded a couple of rounds, with the score standing at 9-3 in Cohesion’s favour at the end of the first half. Three crucial kills with the Ghost from clouda on the pistol allowed them to retake and get the defuse in at C site to win the pistol. Once the full buy rolled in for Orgless 5, they started to make a comeback, winning four rounds in a row, with bullseye getting a quad-kill on the 18th round to cut the deficit in half. F1redup updrafted his way onto the A short box and used the elevation to get three kills on the marauding Orgless 5 players to bring up the match point for Cohesion, who converted the very first one, thanks to a good pincer at C site in a 2v2 situation.


    F1redup lit up the server in this matchup, ending the series having accumulated 40 kills at an ADR of 207.3 and a Kill/Death Ratio of 1.67, which makes him our WD Black MVP of the match.

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