Force One x LegStump Esports blow away Outset Esports

    Force One x LegStump Esports recorded a routine series win over Outset Esports (13-0 Ascent, 13-8 Haven), including a 13-0 whitewash on Ascent, with the former having accumulated 7 points in Group B from 4 games after the result.


    F1LS went for a standard composition, swapping in the Reyna from their usual Raze pick on Santhosh ‘Rafaaaa’ Kumar for Ascent while OS opted for the Sage pick, sacrificing a second duelist in the process. F1LS started out as the Attackers, with Abhay ‘KnightRider’ Mulchandani finding the entry on Yash ‘cyrex’ Poojary at the back of boathouse in B site to open up the area and bag the pistol. Divyansh ‘Scargod’ Jain cleaned up the A short stack with a quad-kill to make it 6-0 soon, with another triple, this time in an afterplant situation earning F1LS another round. A dirty flank from Rishi ‘RvK’ Vijayakumar at mid was enough through OS off as F1LS blanked their adversaries in the Attacking half, grabbing a 12-0 lead. KnightRider’s kill on cyrex saw the spike get dropped at top-mid. F1LS gathered around the spike but it was RvK who sealed the deal with a triple-kill 1v1 clutch round, killing Shibaditya ‘Infinity’ Purkayastha as he raced against the clock to plant the spike at A mains to close out Ascent with a 13-0 whitewash.


    OS stuck to their one-duelist Sage composition on Haven while F1LS switched out the Raze for the Skye pick on Rafaaaa. A neat retake Barrier at C long entrance from Pritesh ‘Anxiety’ Amin saw OS land their first round of the series, with a clean B retake doubling their tally. However, once the full buy rolled in, KnightRider came online, getting first kills or multi kills every round to hand F1LS a sizeable advantage in each of them as the Attackers raced to a 5-2 lead. The 8th round saw F1LS play the rotation game to pull off a 3v5 situation in their favour, defending the 2v2 postplant at C to make it 6-2. KnightRider and Rafaaaa combined on the 12th round to earn F1LS a flawless round, ensuring the C split hit is successful as F1LS gained a 10-2 lead. Sudesh ‘forkeN’ Gambhira converted a 1v3 clutch defending the B plant to bag the pistol for OS. Three crucial kills from Shivam ‘sh1vy’ Ajmani on the 16th round saw F1LS complete the retake and bring up the match point. OS tried resisting and succeeded for four rounds. But, Rafaaaa caught 3 OS players off-guard outside Garage doors, with F1LS closing out the map 13-8.


    KnightRider showed up big time for F1LS, registering 15 first kills at a stupendous rate close to one every other round. Along with it, KnightRider ended the match with 35 kills to his name and an ADR of 188.1, making him the WD Black MVP of the series.

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