Valor maintain impressive Group B record with win over Cohesion

    Team Valor have maintained their perfect record in Group B of TEC Gauntlet Season 2, with a convincing win over Cohesion (13-3 Ascent, 13-7 Bind), who find themselves with just 4 points from 5 games so far.


    Valor went for a standard composition, bringing in the Reyna pick as the second duelist while Cohesion went for an identical lineup minus the Astra, picking the Omen instead. Valor raced to a 5-0 lead, thanks to Sharan ‘Buster’ Dave busting out opening kills with ease. Sahil ‘pashasahil’ Pasha pulled out the Operator and got three kills on the sniper to make it 6-0 soon to Valor. Another opening created by Buster on the 7th round piled on the misery for Cohesion. Aditya ‘Pixelz’ Gulhane’s quad-kill on the A defence made it 9-0 for Valor. However, Cohesion pulled it together, taking over A site with the help of Killjoy’s Lockdown to put themselves up on the board. Cohesion won the rest of the rounds in the half to make it 3-9. A well-thoughtout A rush from Valor pocketed them the second-half pistol, with the bonus round conversion bringing up the map point. Pixelz annihilated the B defence, grabbing a triple kill in the process to close out Ascent with a 13-3 scoreline.


    Valor and Cohesion once again went for an identical one-duelist Sage composition on Bind, with the former opting for Raze while Cohesion went with the Jett pick. Aditya ‘BuLL3t’ Kajari pulled off a triple kill on the A post-plant from the pocket area to win the pistol for Valor. Cohesion shut down Valor’s A short attempt to win their first round. Sadab ‘SKwow’ Khan converted a 1v2 retake situation in Cohesion’s favour to level up the scores. Two good Operator kills from SKwow on the 7th round in the A retake made it 4-3 in Cohesion’s favour. Valor seemed to have found Cohesion’s Achilles heel, rushing A short once again, with pashasahil getting two kills after the plant, leveling up the scores one more time. Valor steamrolled their way to an 8-4 lead by the end of the first half. Cohesion took a page out of Valor’s books, planting at A with an A short push to make it a 5v5 postplant situation. However, Valor emerged victorious, getting the to the spike well in time to defuse and win the pistol. Another A short shutdown saw Valor grab the bonus round as well, racing to an 11-4 lead. Valor soon brought up the match point after Pixelz and Ishpreet ‘HuntR’ Singh Chadha combined to eliminate all Cohesion players and retake the A site. Cohesion denied three match points to Valor, who shut down Cohesion’s B push, with HuntR getting a triple kill on the last round as his side won the map 13-7.


    Pixelz’s performance during the series was commendable, with the former INGLU star grabbing 37 kills at an ADR of 178.7, which makes him the WD Black MVP of the series.

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