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The Skye and beyond: Examining Skye's abilities

Skye will be the latest agent to enter Valorant’s ranks. She hails from Australia, with a Nimbin accent. The agent is a mélange of sorts by having abilities from Breach, Omen, Sova, and Sage packed into one agent.


Ability: Regrowth

Default Key to Use: C

Here are all of the abilities for Skye, VALORANT's upcoming agent -  mylocalesportsbar

Regrowth is Skye’s healing ability. Instead of the healing, we have seen from Sage, Skye is equipped with an Area of Effect Healing. Anyone inside the radius gets healed by Skye- except herself. The ability functions like Viper’s fuel tank-without the recharging ability and can be re-used until the healing runs out.

Ability: Trailblazer 

Default Key to use: Q

Here are all of the abilities for Skye, VALORANT's upcoming agent -  mylocalesportsbar

Skye comes equipped with a younger brother of Sova’s drone. She releases a fox which gives her a vision of the region. Neither can Skye’s fox cannot tag enemies with a recon dart which will reveal their position and nor does it have a viewing area as large as Sova’s drone, it can choose to attack enemies, and thus concussing them—like Breach would.

Ability: Guiding Light

Default Key to use: E

Skye also comes equipped with a Tasmanian Trinket-which is her flashbang ability. The agent deploys the hawk and can control it to detonate, going off like a flashbang. She has three charges of the same.

 Ability: Seekers

Default Key to Use: X

Talking about the ultimate, which costs 6 orbs, Skye releases three foxes which hunt down the three closest enemies. The Seekers can be destroyed by shooting them with bullets. If not destroyed, and allowed to connect to the closest enemies, it will nearsight them- just like Omen does.


These are all of Skye’s abilities on release, while more details are awaited one can safely assume that players will be excited to test out this agent.



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