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Velocity Gaming beat Noble Esports to book final rematch with Global Esports

Velocity Gaming was back looking for vengeance after losing to Global Esports in the Upper Bracket Finals. The TEC Challenger Series 1 champions went up against Noble Esports in the Lower Bracket Finals. Velocity Gaming bested Noble Esports with a 2-1 scoreline to set up a re-match of the Upper Bracket Finals against Global Esports in a Best of Five Grand Finals.

Maps Played:

Bind: Velocity Gaming win 13-9

Ascent: Noble Esports win 13-6

Haven: Velocity Gaming win 13-7

Map 2:Ascent

On Ascent, Noble Esports was looking to turn things around from being down 0-1 after losing the first map in the series. Noble came out strong in the first two rounds with bagging the pistol round and the following anti-eco win. However, Velocity Gaming was not going to let Noble Esports run away with the series. Antidote opened up the round in style with 2 kills and was able to recover an Operator as well. The score rested at 2-1, with a guaranteed round for Velocity Gaming coming up as Noble was restricted to just pistols. However, t1to had some tricks up his sleeve. T1to managed to pick up a Phantom for himself after getting a kill onto Excali who was caught overextending towards the A-Site. The Phantom on t1to allowed him to get another kill onto Vibhor, making it a 3v5. While Velocity Gaming was able to restore the round balance, Noble was able to hang on by a thread and pull out a thrifty round. From there, Noble started taking the game away round by round. It looked like Noble had gotten under Velocity Gaming’s mental, allowing them to pull out Ascent with a 13-6 scoreline with psy leading the charge for his team with an ACS of 284.

Map 3: Haven

Haven, the third map was the most important map in the series. Both teams were ready to fight tooth and nail to secure the map and move onto the grand finals. Velocity Gaming certainly looked as the stronger team coming into the game. The superstars started running ruin through the Noble Esports lineup. Velocity went up with a scoreline of 8-4 on their defensive half. Velocity Gaming were eager to close the game out earlier


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