About Us

    Founded in 2019, The Esports Club (TEC) is a platform with the sole aim of powering Esports experiences while helping grassroots community development in India and other South Asian Countries. The Entire Team behind The Esports Club (TEC) eats, sleeps & breathes gaming with over 20+ years of combined gaming, esports & marketing experience.

    The founding principle behind The Esports Club was to provide gamers a platform to pursue their esports dreams while allowing brands to leverage long term & sustainable esports IP’s. Our experienced team brings unique insight into the world of esports, allowing us to ensure we provide aspiring gamers with the best possible experience and every possible opportunity regardless of their choice of platform or game.

    Our Clients
    Our Team
    Vamsi Krishna, Founder

    20-year marketing veteran with leadership roles at Microsoft,  NVIDIA, AMD & Wipro. Spearheaded expansion & awareness of Gaming Category

    Ishaan Arya, Co-Founder

    India’s first Gaming Influencer with 8+ years in producing events, live esports & content creation

    Nabu, Director of Esports

    Former professional Esports Athlete with 10+ years of competitive gaming and esports event experience