AMD Valorant Cup

    Welcome to The Esports Club Presents Valorant Cup Powered by AMD; One of the largest Valorant Event in the sub-continent region!

    Game: Valorant

    Teams: 409 Teams | 5v5

    Format: Single Elimination

    Region: India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

    Prizes Pool: INR 70,000

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    Disclaimer: This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

    By competing in this tournament, you agree to the following rules & guidelines provided below.

    Hacking | Cheating

    1. All hacking/cheating claims will be handled on a case by case basis. Claims of a player or players potentially hacking/cheating MUST be supported by VIDEO evidence and provided to tournament live support immediately! 
    2. If The Esports Club tournament officials feel a player or players may be hacking/cheating. The accused player(s) will be forced to STREAM their point of view. Refusal or inability to do so will result in a forfeit of the current match and prizes forfeited if applicable.
    3. DO NOT LEAVE OR END THE GAME, doing so may result in a forfeit giving the claims are not valid or the proof provided is not sufficient. Continue playing the match out until further instructions are provided by a The Esports Club tournament official.

    Players found hacking/cheating are subject to but not limited to, forfeiture of prizes, account permanently suspended, restricted from all The Esports Club related online/offline tournaments/events.

    The Esports Club reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship.


    Your RIOT ID must be placed on your personal profile in order to be eligible to compete. Not doing so may result in your team being removed from the tournament once a tournament begins.

    Players may add their RIOT ID's to their profiles here (you do not need to include the # in your RIOT IDExample: TECVL1 instead of TEC#VL1

    This can be found when first loading into the game at the top left hand side of your screen/monitor. You can also 



    Find your team name on the bracket, click on the matches tab. This will open your match details page. Displaying match start time, maps, opposing teams Riot IDs, hosting situation, a match chat for communication and more!

    1. The hosting team will create the custom match lobby with the settings listed below in "game settings" section of the rules.
    2. Upon lobby creation, the hosting team will invite the opposing players. You can use your match page the find your opponents information, map, match start time, match ID, etc.
    3. Once all players are in the lobby and ready to play (use your match chat to communicate) the hosting team may start the match.
    4. Teams will play until one team accumulates 13 round wins. Report your match outcome on your match details page.


    Use the following settings to setup your custom match/lobby. If a game is accidentally started (not everyone is in, wrong team, etc), players must quickly finish the current game so the match can be replayed. Games cannot be ended due to CHEATS being set to OFF in-game.

    Party Status: Close

    Map: *Please see your match details page for this information

    Mode: Standard

    Cheats: Off

    Blood Spill: Off

    Map Pool



    Please see the title of the tournament and associated flags to determine if your region is eligible to compete. If your region is not listed or the term "Global" is not listed, your region is restricted from competing. Doing so will result in an immediate forfeit.

    Match Hosting

    All matches should be played using Custom Games (Private Match) with only the tournament organizer to be allowed to enter the observer slot. In the event of a tie in map wins (if the match is a best of 3, 5, 7, etc) the team with the most total round wins will host the last map.



    Please note that all lag proof must be gathered and submitted in video form. Screenshots and/or GIFS will not be accepted.

    1. In the event of LAG, the player(s) experiencing these network issues must begin to gather video evidence showing LAG affecting the direct outcome of the game. Multiple point of views must be provided to ensure this is not one players personal connection issues.
    2. All claims of LAG will be handled on a case by case basis, meaning not all outcomes will result in the same outcome.

    The Esports Club reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship


    Please note that all disconnection proof must be gathered and submitted in video form. Screenshots and/or GIFS will not be accepted.

    1. If a player disconnects from the game other than direct game malfunctions (client crash, servers crash, etc) the match will continue to be played. If the hosting team ends the game opposite the reasons provided previously, they forfeit the map.
    2. All disconnection claims will be handled on a case by case basis, meaning not all outcomes will result in the same outcome.

    The Esports Club reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship



    1. If a player’s account is banned for any reason by The Esports Club that said player cannot avoid that ban in any way to play in another The Esports Club tournament. If said player makes a secondary account and is playing in a The Esports Club tournament, said player and his/her team will be disqualified from the rest of the tournament with no credit refund. There will be no exceptions.
    2. If any team fails to report an issue with another team and knows another team is doing something that can get them banned or disqualified from a tournament, the team that didn’t report may risk forfeiture and no refund of credits.
    3. If and when leadership of a team is given to another member of that team. That person gives up all privileges that a leader gets.
    4. To join a tournament team, you may not join the team from a proxy IP address. If a player does so, you risk being forfeited.
    5. 2 Substitutes are allowed in our tournament. Once the tournament begins your roster is final.
    6. Users may not share accounts, or any aliases linked to a designated player’s account. Doing so can lead to a temporary ban from the site.
    7. Any form of abuse of any staff member is prohibited. If a user does abuse a staff member, that user risks a temporary site ban and/or disqualification from the match that said user is participating in currently.

    The Esports Club reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship.


    1. Players who move their character outside of the normal boundaries of a map may forfeit the game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a map includes but is not limited to part of the character’s body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, and moving into any area from which your character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your character.
    2. Players may only use the default version of each weapon. Use of any weapon variant that has been statistically re balanced or any other restricted item may result in a forfeit of the map/match.
    3. If a Player finds that they are unable to Aim Down Sights (ADS) properly, they should notify a Tournament Official immediately. If the Tournament Official is able to confirm that this has occurred, they will determine whether the round/game should be restarted, the game win should be awarded to a team, and/or the conditions under which the round/game should be resumed.
    4. After a Private Match has been created, only players on the (2) teams and The Esports Club Staff members may be invited/join. If a player that is not a registered member of one of the teams (ineligible player) joins a game, the game must be ended. If a player is found to have invited an ineligible player to a game, a forfeit may be issued for tourney disruption.
    5. If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds the game should be ended and restarted for all game modes unless damage is inflicted by the opposing team prior to said time.
    1. The team who lost the player should either leave the game, switch to spectator mode, or end the game if that team is host.
    2. For Search and Destroy, the map should be resumed from the scores prior to the player losing connection to the private match lobby.
    1. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill (damage inflicted), the match must continue.
    1. If a player disconnects from a Search and Destroy game, the current round must be completed. After that round has been completed, the game must be ended. It is the responsibility of the shorthanded team to end or leave the game before the start of the next round. Rounds that are played while a team is shorthanded will be counted. After a Game is ended, the shorthanded team will be given 5 minutes for their teammate to return before they must resume the match shorthanded. When the game resumes, the score and team sides will be as they were when the game was ended. 
    1. Any form of cheating, using a glitch, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in a forfeit of a game, match, or ban from The Esports Club.
    2. The Esports Club reserves the right to broadcast any match. If The Esports Club chooses to broadcast a match, The Esports Club Staff members must be allowed into each game. If The Esports Club Staff members are unable to connect to a host, all other hosting options may be explored until a suitable host is found.
    3. Third party communication is allowed for this tournament. (i.e skype, TeamSpeak, Party Chat, etc.). However, players must be able to communicate with any staff member that joins the lobby.
    4. If your team is competing in multiple The Esports Club tournaments at once and your team is in the finals of one of these tournaments, your team has 20 minutes from the scheduled match time to play the finals match or your team risks being reported as a no show which can lead to a forfeit of the finals match or being forced to playing man down.
    5. Hosting wrong settings will result in a forfeit of the map. We will no longer issue replays as players have been abusing this system. Users must report this issue as soon as it occurs. Teams cannot come to live support after the map/match is over to report the issue. The results of the map/match will stand if so. Settings excluded from this rule are Team Changing and Pre-round/Match timers along with other settings that have no direct impact on the game itself. Once a wrong setting is noticed, the non-hosting team is to gather proof and back out to report the issue immediately to live support. Video proof will be needed. A live support specialist will then determine if a replay of the round is to occur, a restart from where it was ended, or a forfeit of the map needs to be issued.
    6. Teams can only play one man down in a tournament match. Not having the required amount of players in the lobby at the time given by a referee will result in a forfeit of the map.


    1. Tournament matches are expected to be played at the scheduled match time. If an opposing team fails to show up after 10 minutes after the scheduled match time, you must report a no show to live support. We will then contact the opposing team to confirm the no show.
    2. No Shows:
    3. For best of 5 matches. Teams will have 5 minutes from the no show report time (Refer to Rule #1) to join for map one or risk forfeit of that map. Once a team forfeits first map, they will have an additional 5 minutes to show for second map or risk forfeiting that map. Once a team forfeits second map, they will have an additional 5 minutes to show for third map or risk forfeiting that map as well. Resulting in a forfeit of the match.
    4. For best of 3 matches. Teams will have 5 minutes from the no show report time (Refer to Rule #1) to join for map one or risk forfeit of that map. Once a team forfeits first map, they will have an additional 5 minutes to show for second map or risk forfeiting that map. Resulting in a forfeit of the match. Additional time may be given by tournament live support.
    5. For best of 1 matches. Teams will have 5 minutes from the no show report time (Refer to Rule #1) to join for map one or risk forfeit of that map/match. If you need additional clarification on this ruling, feel free to contact tournament live support. Additional time may be given by tournament live support. 
    6. If random users enter the room, you must ask them to leave. If they leave immediately without disrupting the match then the match will continue. If random user(s) interfere in a match then the hosting team must end the map, restart, and continue from the same score when the inference happened.
    7. If a team reports a loss for a match, they cannot then contact Live Support looking to get the match reverted/replayed. Matches are only reverted/replayed if a match being advanced is due to admin error..
    8. If any match that is started and played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and it will count as an official game.
    9. Any claims for glitching, banned weapons, or cheating you must contact live support. Please have video proof ready when contacting live support.
    10. Teams have up to 5 minutes between maps. Extra time may be given if live support feels it’s necessary to extend the 5 minute time limit.
    11. If the hosting team ends the map early before it concludes, the map will continue where the map was ended. Unless stated otherwise by The Esports Club Online staff.
    12. Hosting the wrong map will be a replay of the correct map unless the map hosted is included in the current match rotation and the entire map was played out. You will substitute that map for another. For example, the maps are Strike, Vacant, & Bog. The first hosting team hosts Vacant and plays the map out. The second hosting team will host Strike as second map, etc.


    1. Tournament matches must be played on time. Delays in the tournament are not permitted unless live support allows a delay.
    2. Users have 10 minutes from the time of their opponent(s) reporting a win/loss to dispute the match or report a loss. Teams that fail to report the outcome of their matches risk being temporarily banned from the The Esports Club Online for tournament disruption.
    3. The use of keyboard and mouse are prohibited from console tournament play. Using a keyboard and mouse will result in a disqualification from the tournament (Pending supporting proof).
    4. Using a banned item (perk, attachment, gun, etc) will result in a forfeit of the map. Video proof must be provided to live support.


    If a dispute occurs teams must contact tournament live support with valid proof of their claims. If live support is offline, users must submit a tournament support ticket. For proof to be considered valid it must be clear, show all gamer tags in the match along with the scoreboard, and must have proof supporting the accusation. (Cheating/Glitching, etc…).


    The Esports Club Valorant Tournament are not directed to children under the age of 13. To register for a user account for the tournament, you must be 13 years of age or older. 

    Have a question? Reach out to us:

    Email: [email protected]

    Discord: EsportsClub

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    Event Details
    • Start Date
      August 22, 2020 2:00 pm
    • End Date
      September 6, 2020 8:00 pm
    • Status