Intel Presents TEC Community Cup – CS:GO Powered by INNO3D

    Intel Presents TEC Community Cup – CSGO Powered by INNO3D!

    We’re excited to announce the upcoming CSGO tournament, which will take place from March 8th to March 19th, 2023. With 32 of the region’s best teams competing for the prize pool of INR 50,000, this promises to be an exciting competition.

    The tournament is split into two sections:

    • The first round will be a single-elimination format until the top eight teams are determined, with all matches being best of one.
    • The second round will be played in a double-elimination format, with all matches except the grand finals being best of three. The grand finals will be best of five, resulting in a tense and exciting conclusion to the tournament.

    The tournament has a prize pool of INR 50,000, with the top two teams taking home a portion of the money.

    The prize money for the winner is INR 35,000, and the prize money for the runner-up is INR 15,000

    Prepare to see the best CSGO teams battle for glory in the Intel presents TEC Community Cup – CSGO powered by INNO3D.


    Double Elimination Format




    Gofigure Men F4F Valor
    Wahwah Bubu Peek Ikari orgless5
    Badmaash Team Ecstasy KingPins Jimedar
    Ruin Nation 7sins ZeGG Enjoy The Moment
    SlowAimers h2o FIREDUP-Gaming Dominator
    Wicked Gaming Rampage Esports Come Mid Rage.GG
    ENIGMA GAMING DarkHorses Headhunters Raij1n
    Handless eSports Team XCD TEAM ANO Revenge Esports




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