Welcome to Lenovo + AMD the Rising in association with Vijay Sales; One of the largest Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Events in the region!

    Game: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

    Teams: 64 Teams | 5v5

    Format: Single Elimination

    Region: India
    A Team’s Playing 5 Roster should have at least 3 Players residing in India and the other two players can be from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, or Maldives.


    Prize Pool Split

    1st Place: INR 50,000 + INR 50,000 Worth Coupons + 5 Legion Backpacks + 5 Legion Mice

    2nd Place: INR 25,000 + INR 25,000 Worth Coupons + 5 Legion Backpacks

    3rd Place: INR 12,500 + INR 12,500 Worth Coupons + 5 Legion Mice

    4th Place: INR 12,500 + INR 12,500 Worth Coupons + 5 Legion Mice

    *Product Prizes subject to change based on availability without prior notice.

    Physical prizes and products can be shipped only to participants in India


    General Rules -

    1.       All Participants of the Lenovo AMD The Rising in association with Vijay Sales for Rainbow Six Siege must be over 16 years of age.

    2.       A Team's Playing 5 Roster should have at least 3 Players residing in India and the other two players can be from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan or Maldives.

    Map veto process

    1.       Map Veto times are given in the schedules.

    2.       The map veto must be finished at least 20 mins prior to the match starting time. Admins will share the map veto link.

    3.       If any team fails to show up for map ban in time, the opposite team gets to choose any map they desire from the competitive map pool for that match.


    Best of One


    Sides of the last map (except in Best of 1) are chosen by the team with the best round difference in the previous maps. In case of a same round difference, coinflip will determine which team decides the starting side. The team that does not decide the starting side decides the starting side on overtime.


    ·         Team A bans map

    ·         Team B bans map

    ·         Team A bans map

    ·         Team B bans map

    ·         Team A bans map

    ·         Team B bans map

    ·         Remaining map is played

    ·         Team A decides the starting side for the match

    Game Settings -

    1.       Time of the day: Day

    2.       HUD settings: Pro League

    3.       Number of Bans: 4

    4.       Ban Timer: 15

    5.       Number of Rounds: 12

    6.       Attacker/Defender role swap: 6

    7.       Overtime: 3

    8.       Overtime Score Difference: 2

    9.       Overtime Role Change: 1

    10.   Objective rotation parameter: 2

    11.   Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played

    12.   Attacker unique spawn: On

    13.   Pick Phase Timer: 15

    14.   6th Pick Phase: On

    15.   6th Pick Phase Timer: 15

    16.   Reveal Phase Timer: 5

    17.   Damage handicap: 100

    18.   Friendly fire damage: 100

    19.   Injured: 20

    20.   Sprint: On

    21.   Lean: On

    22.   Death replay: Off

    23.   Game mode: TDM BOMB

    24.   Plant Duration: 7

    25.   Defuse Duration: 7

    26.   Fuse time: 45

    27.   Preparation: 45

    28.   Action: 180

    Map Pool:

    1.       Clubhouse

    2.       Coastline

    3.       Consulate

    4.       Kafe Dostoyevsky

    5.       Villa

    6.       Chalet

    7.       Oregon

    All Operators are allowed, unless tournament administration explicitly forbids it or they are marked as under evaluation. The tournament administration reserves the right to ban specific gadgets, operators, equipment or attachments at any time to guarantee that no advantage gets abused. Tournament administration will do their best to send any restrictions or rule changes to the teams as soon as possible.

    Operators currently in Evaluation Period:


    Cosmetics Rule

                The following Cosmetics are only allowed:

    1.       Default Skins

    2.       Pro League Gold Sets

    3.       Pilot Phase and affiliated team skins

    The Esports Club reserves the right to amend, remove, or otherwise change the rules, without further notice. The Esports Club also reserves the right to make a judgment on cases not specifically covered by or that go against the rulebook in order to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.


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    Discord Verification


    Your team will need to complete the discord verification to get approved. 

    How to complete discord verification. 

    Your team should join discord by visiting - LENOVO + AMD THE RISING

    Step 1 - React to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege icon to get role (Every team mate from the lineup has to do so)

    Step 2 - Once you have reacted to get role, Captain will have to head over to  #tag-your-teammates-here channel and tag all your teammates.

    Step 3 -

    Team Name: Your_Team_Name

    Captain: @Team_Captain
    Player 2 : @Player2
    Player 3 : @Player3
    Player 4 : @Player4
    Player 5 : @Player5
    Substitute 1 : @Substitute 1
    Substitute 2 : @Substitute 2

    Coach : Team_Coach

    The admin team will verify your registration with ☑ (approved tick mark) once your team is verified. 

    Have a question? Reach out to us:

    Email: [email protected]

    Discord: https://discord.gg/theesportsclub

    Event Details
    • Start Date
      July 28, 2021 5:00 pm
    • End Date
      August 3, 2021 10:00 pm
    • Status
    • Region
    • Prize Pool

      INR 3,00,000 WORTH