WD BLACK TEC Pro League R6 Season 4 Qualifiers

    Welcome to the WD BLACK TEC Pro League; One of the largest Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Events in the region! Qualify for the league and climb up the divisions as you compete for a prize pool of INR 10 Lakhs & monthly individual awards.

    Game: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

    Teams: 128 Teams | 5v5

    Format: League

    Region: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


    UCC 218/4, Begum Rokeya Sharanee 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor Taltola, Dhaka 1207 Bangladesh 

    Web: http://ucc-bd.com/

    Sri Lanka

    E-Globe Solutions Pvt Ltd 87 5th Lane Colombo 3, Sri Lanka

    Tel : 94-777-802534 / (94)11-4795632

    Discord Verification


    Your team will need to complete the discord verification to get approved. 

    How to complete discord verification. 

    Your team should join discord by visiting - WD Black TEC Pro League Season 4 Discord Verification

    Step 1 - React to R6S icon to get role (Every team mate from the lineup has to do so)

    Step 2 - Once you have reacted to get role, Captain will have to head over to  #post-your-sostronk-team-link-here and tag all your teammates.

    Step 3 - 

    Team Name: Your_Team_Name
    Captain: @Team_Captain
    Player 1 - @Player1
    Player 2 - @Player2
    Player 3 - @Player3
    Player 4 - @Player4
    Player 5 - @Player5
    Substitute 1 - @Substitute 1
    Substitute 2 - @Substitute 2

    The admin team will verify your registration with ☑ (approved tick mark) once your team is verified. 

    1. Definitions

    1.  Range of Validity

    This is the only rulebook which is valid for the TEC Pro League, its participants and all matches played within the scope of the TEC Pro League. With his participation, the participant states that he understands and accepts all rules.

    2. Participants

    TEC Pro League participant is a team or a player that is participating in the TEC Pro League. Any member of a TEC Pro League team is a participant of that team and locked to it regardless of whether the person has played for the said team. No participant can at the same time be part of more than one team taking part in the TEC Pro League or any tournament that is a direct or indirect qualifier to the TEC Pro League.

    3. Time Zone

    Official league communication will only use the IST (GMT +5:30) time zone

    4. The Season

    The season starts with the week of the first online match days and ends with the final match of the group stage.

    5. Punishments

    5.1 Definition

    The Esports Club Tournament ruleset are to be followed by all participants. Punishments are penalties based on scale of rule violations.

    5.2 Scope of Punishments

    The severity of punishments is based off the incidents that occur in the The Esports Club Tournaments. Punishments are not limited to one in the event two or more incidents occur. Participants in question for rule violation with impending punishments will be contacted via Discord and Email. Team captains will be given a time limit to appeal the verdict. Team captains are the only authorized participants permitted to make appeals

    5.2.1 First Warning

    The official warning will be given to the teams who commit their first minor offence. Participating teams are held accountable for the minor offence caused by all team members and/or owners.  

    5.2.2 Minor Penalty Strikes/Points

    Minor Penalty Points are given for minor offences committed by participants after the first warning. Every minor penalty point withdraws one percent (1%) of the overall prize money won by the team or player in the competition. A minor offence falls under the failure of:

    O Punctuality for the scheduled matches/broadcast

    O Uploading the required/requested media

    O Match-related documents (Screenshots, Statements, etc.)

    O Submitting the required information for participation

    O Abiding by the requests given out by the tournament officials

    O Breach of confidential information

    5.2.3 Major Penalty Strikes/Points

    Major Penalty Points are given for major offences committed by participants. Every major penalty point withdraws ten percent (10%) of the overall prize money won by the team or player in the competition. A major offence falls under:

    O Repeated minor offences up to 2 times, the 3rd minor offence will be considered a major offence

    O Deceiving the tournament officials/administration

    O Forfeit OR No show of matches

    O Refusing the broadcast schedule without adequate reason

    O Cheating

    O Unprofessional conduct on an in-game server, discord, or any other platform

    O Breach of confidential information

    5.2.4 Monetary Fines

    Teams are required to fulfil obligations that are not directly related to the tournament, such as:

    O Interviews

    O Planned sessions for audience interaction

    O Media and press appointments

    Failure to fulfil these obligations will result in monetary fines.

    5.2.5 Disqualification

    A disqualification will take place in severe cases of multiple minor and major offences. The disqualified participant or team will forfeit all prize money accumulated through the competition in question. After the disqualification, players or teams are not granted the free agent status and their inability to participate lasts until the end of the tournament.

    5.2.6 Bans


    Bans are given to either players, teams, or organizations in the event(s) of the most severe of cases such as:


    - The use of an unauthorized/unregistered player(s)


    - Public defamation of tournament officials and administration


    - Hacking/Use of illegal third-party programs


    - Breach of confidential information




    5.2.7 Additional punishment


    In special cases, The Esports Club Tournament administration can implement additional punishment at their discretion. Administration can define and come up with other methods of punishment or course of action, where they see fit.




    5.3 Confidentiality


    Any communications with the tournament officials/administration about matches, formats, disputes, or prize money through the tournament are strictly confidential. Communication will only take place between the authorized officials/administration and teams. Disputes, offence incidences, information related to prize payments and any other form of communication related to the tournament, which may be on platforms such as Discord, WhatsApp and Email are confidential. The sharing of restricted information as stated above to third party websites or any platforms to unauthorized individuals, is a violation of the rules. Minor or major penalties will be issued by the Tournament Administration.




     5.1.3. Disqualification


    A disqualification will happen in the most severe cases of rule violations. The disqualified participant forfeits all prize money for the competition in question and gets banned at least until the end of the season Disqualification does not grant players the free agent status




    6. Live Matches


    The term “Live Matches” refers to matches that take place in a public location, during events, matches in a studio, or matches broadcast by The Esports Club




    7. Prizes


    Total League Prize pool: INR 10,00,000 


    The monthly prize breakdown is defined as follows


    Division 1 prize pool: INR 1,25,000


    Division 2 prize pool: INR 50,000


    Division 3 prize pool: INR 25,000




    Division 1 prize breakdown:


    1st Place – INR 50,000

    2nd Place – INR 30,000

    3rd Place – INR 20,000

    4th Place – INR 15,000

    5th Place – INR 10,000



    Division 2 prize breakdown:


    1st Place – INR 20,000

    2nd Place – INR 15,000

    3rd Place – INR 10,000

    4th Place – INR 5,000



    Division 3 prize breakdown:


    1st Place – INR 10,000

    2nd Place – INR 7,500

    3rd Place – INR 5,000

    4th Place – INR 2,500



    Note: All prizes are subject to India govt. taxation law. Prizes will be given out within 45 days from the season end. Any prizes above INR 10,000 towards a single payee within the calendar year will be subject to 31.2% tax as required by law.




    2. General



    1. Rule Changes


    The Esports Club reserves the right to amend, remove, or otherwise change the rules, without further notice. The Esports Club also reserves the right to make a judgement on cases not specifically covered by or that go against the rulebook in order to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.




    2. Communication




    1. Email


    The main official communication method of the TEC Pro League is email. The email used will be the one provided by the participants at the start of a season, and therefore this email address should always be kept updated and checked regularly so that no important announcements from the league are missed.




    2. Discord


    Discord is used as a second form of communication during match days.


    Official communication will still always be sent via email.




    3. Conditions of Participation


    The following conditions must be met in order to participate in the TEC Pro League,




    1. Age Restriction


    All Participants of the TEC Pro League must be over 18 years of age.




    2. Regional Limitations for Participants


    The Tournament is open to legal residents from the following countries:


    • India


    • Bangladesh


    • Sri Lanka


    However, If the organization is Indian based, their squad can have up to 2 foreign players with 3 legal citizens of any of the aforementioned regions. (In such cases, we might require legal documentation to verify the organization)




    4. Player Details


    When requested, players are required to provide all the needed information including but not limited to full name, contact details, date of birth, address, photo and photo of passport/Aadhar card.




    1. Game Accounts


    Every playing member must provide their game account names to the tournament administration at the start of each season. Each player must use the game account he/she provided.




    2. Ingame nickname


    Players must use appropriate ingame nicknames that match their online nicknames. These nicknames should match what is provided in the lineup.




    5. Teams




    1. Standards


    When requested, teams are required to send us all needed information including but not limited to logo, social media accounts and any other requested information. A TEC Pro League team must abide by certain standards of quality. The following information must be provided at the start of the season:


    • Relevant team name


    • Team logo


    • Team representative contact and backup representative


    2. Team Names


    The TEC Pro League team name may only consist of the team name and/or a potential name sponsor. To prevent confusion, only names that are not already being used by another team in the same discipline are allowed. Sponsor names may appear on more than one team if the main part of team name differs.




    3. Changes in teams


    All rosters are locked 24 hours before the season starts. Any changes in the team should be performed before the start of the season. Any changes in the team should be approved by the tournament administration before the changes can take place. This includes but is not limited to:


    • Adding or removing players (roster changes)


    • Changing the team name


    • Changing the team logo


    Any changes done without the approval of the tournament administration may be revoked, not shown on the broadcast, and subject to penalties. Approval may only be granted via email or discord.




    6. Insufficient Players


    If a team for any reason does not have enough players to participate in a TEC Pro League match, the team will be awarded a loss with the worth possible result. Therefore, it is suggested that every TEC Pro League team has substitutes added in the roster to compensate for any player losses during the season.




    7. Monitor System Status(MOSS)


    Moss Anti-cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player cannot use Monitor System Status (MOSS) then they may not be allowed to take part in a match.




    8. Prize Money


    After The Esports Club Tournament in question ends, all prize money should ideally be paid out in 45 days, however it may take up to 60 days instead for payments outside of India. Payment will be delayed if a team does not provide details as requested for their prize payment within the given deadline by Tournament Officials/Administration. Any prizes above INR 10,000 towards a single payee within the calendar year will be subject to 31.23% tax as required by law.




    8.1 Prize Deductions Due to Penalty Points/Strikes


    Incurring a minor or major penalty point/strike will result in penalization. Every penalty point/strike that a participant generates, will result in the deduction of their earned prize money. The deductions are as follows:


    - For every minor penalty point, 1% overall prize money deduction will occur


    - For every major penalty point, 10% overall prize money deduction will occur


    Deduction is taken from the grand total of prize money earned by a team at the end of any tournaments hosted by The Esports Club, online and offline. The deducted prize money will be equally distributed to the winnings of the other teams in the division and/or tournament. No prize money will be lost through penalty points. Do note that teams who have an extremely high amount of prize money deducted, may also be disqualified through any stage of the tournament




    8.1.2 Prize Deductions Due to Monetary Fines


    Monetary fines accumulated by a participant/team will be deducted from the overall prize money acquired by the participant/team in question. Monetary fines are not redistributed into the prize pool




    8.1.3 Withdrawal of Prize Money


    The deadline for the request of prize money will be issued by the Tournament Officials/Administration strictly through Email only. If any prize money has yet to be paid out, The Esports Club Tournament Administration reserves the right to withhold and/or cancel any pending payment in case of foul play, fraudulent or severe offences which have been discovered.




    8.1.4 Transfer of Prize Money


    The transfer of prize money will commence through bank transfer or any other mode of payment stated by Tournament Officials/Administration. Failure to provide the needed information requested during the issued deadline, the prize money will be sent in result of a delay or not at all.




    8.1.5 Prize Distribution


    Prize pool for any given season will be processed only after successful completion of the following season. Failure to do so may attract a fine to the prize winnings. Example: Season 1 winnings will only be processed and paid after the team successfully completes Season 2 in the league. In the event a team does not complete Season 2, the team may still receive prize money but with a fine of up to 60% of their winnings. Any prize winnings over INR 10,000 are subjected to local laws and taxes




    9. Match Start




    1. Punctuality


    All matches in the TEC Pro League should start as stated in the official communication or as soon as the previous match is over. Any changes in the starting time must be approved by the tournament administration. All Participants should be ready for 60 minutes before the scheduled time for each match. If you notice at any point you will be late for any match, please inform a tournament official as soon as possible! Any delays caused by showing up late may lead to penalties.




    2. Delaying the Match


    Penalties for delaying a match will be awarded if a participant is more than 10 minutes late.




    2.9.3. Participants Not Showing


    If a participant is not ready to play until 25 minutes after the scheduled start of the match, it is considered a no show. In that case, the participant will be penalized and lose the match with the worst score possible.




    10. Map Pool


    • Oregon


    • Clubhouse


    • Coastline


    • Consulate


    • Kafe Dostoyevsky


    • Theme Park


    • Villa


    11. Match Procedures


    1. Lineup


    Teams must submit their lineup (list of players for each match) for the events before the deadline given by the tournament administration. In online matches, this deadline is usually 4 hours before eachmatch.




    2. Determining the “better seed”


    Unless the team with better seed is obvious from the tournament progression, a coinflip will be used to determine the better seed. The team with the better seed will choose which team starts the veto.


    3. Map veto process


    The map veto must be started prior to the match starting time, or as soon as the teams for that match are determined (whichever is later). Maps are played in the order they are picked. Sides in the last map (except in Best of 1) are chosen by the team with the best round difference in the previous maps. In case of a same round difference, coinflip will determine which team decides the starting side. The team that does not decide the starting side decides the starting side on overtime.


    ▪ Team A bansmap


    ▪ Team B bans map


    ▪ Team A bansmap


    ▪ Team B bans map


    ▪ Team A bansmap


    ▪ Team B bans map


    ▪ Remaining map is played


    ▪ Team A decides the starting side on the map




    4. Auto Map Ban/Shuffle :


    Teams playing in the division stages of the league will be following the auto map ban system where a team cannot play the same map consecutively divided into 3 matchdays after which the map pool will be reset once again, for teams having even number of maps available in the pool based of maps played history, a randomized map ban will be done by the admins of the tournament to facilitate a fair map banning system.




    5. Breaks between maps


    After each map a player may take a maximum of five minutes to join the next game. Longer breaks will be given after every two maps.




    6. Leaving the Lobby


    All matches must be played to the end, failure to do so will be penalized. A match is considered complete when the final scoreboard is shown on screen.




    7. Match Result


    The result must be immediately added and confirmed by both parties, even if more match records are missing and in need of uploads. A protest may still be made even after a match result has been confirmed. Please refer to the game specific rulesfor what match records and media that needs to be uploaded.




    8. Storage of Match Media


    All match media (Screenshots/demos/replays etc.) must be stored by the participants for a minimum of 2 weeks after the match has ended. If there is a protest on the match, the records need to be stored by the participants for a minimum of 2 weeks after the protest has been closed and resolved.




    12. Match Protests




    1. Definition


    A protest is for problems that affect the match outcome; a protest may even be filed during a match for things like incorrect server settings and other related issues. A protest is the official communication between the parties and a tournament administration.




    2. Contents of a Match Protest


    The protest must contain detailed info about why the protest was filed, how the discrepancy came out to be and when the discrepancy occurred. A protest may be declined if proper documentation is not presented. A simple “They are cheaters” will not do.




    3. People in a Match Protest


    In team matches, only one representative per team is supposed to be writing in the protest.




    4. Behavior in Match Protests


    Insults and flaming are strictly prohibited in a protest and may result in penalties or the protest being ruled against the insulting party.




    13. Results in a Rematch


    If the rules stipulate that a rematch is to be played, the victim of the incident is to decide whether this rematch is to be played. If the victim of the offence decides that a rematch is to be played, then the old result is null, and void and the new result will count in the rankings.




    14. Tournament administration


    The instructions of tournament administration should be always be obeyed and followed. Failure to do so may result in penalties being awarded.




    2.15. Reschedules


    Reschedules are, in general, not allowed. In case of extenuating circumstances, the tournament administration may force a reschedule and decide on the terms of it.




    3. Tournament Progression


    1. Qualifiers Phase 1


    Single Elimination until round of 32 The top 32 teams will be divided into groups and play in a round robin format. Matches are played in a best of 1 format. At the end of the group stage, the top teams from each group qualify to Division 1 and the 2nd place teams from each group qualify to Division 2.


    Qualifier Phase 2


    Bottom 2 teams from each group go into a qualifier for Division 3. Winners of the first round automatically qualify for division 3. Losers of the first round go into a double elimination for the last slot in division 3.


    1. Ties in standings


    In case of a tie, the following rules will be applied, in the order they’re presented in:


    o Points


    o Mini League Round difference


    o Overall round difference


    o Mini League Rounds won


    o Overall rounds won


    o Rematch


    A mini league considers the matches between the tied teams.


    2. Rematch


    The rematch is played in a best of 3 format


    2. League Format


    Once the teams have been segregated into their respective divisions (post qualifiers), each division will play in a round robin format over the course of the league and the top 5 teams from each division will be awarded the prizes as stated above.


    1. Division 1


    • Top 5 Standings


    • Round Robin


    • Slots: 8


    • Relegation: Bottom 3 teams relegated to Division 2




    2. Division 2


    • Top 5 Standings


    • Round Robin


    • Slots: 8


    • Promotion: Top 3 teams promoted to Division 1


    • Relegation: Bottom 3 teams relegated to Division 3




    3. Division 3


    • Top 5 Standings


    • Round Robin


    • Slots: 9


    • Promotion: Top 3 teams promoted to Division 2


    • Relegation: Bottom 4 teams eliminated from the league


    All the relegations will occur at the end of the season.


    4. Game Specific Rules




    1. Game Hosting 


    Only the Administrator/Observer/Commentator can create a server. The game must be hosted with the correct settings.




    2. Game Settings


    ▪ Time of the day: Day


    ▪ HUD settings: Pro League




    1. Best of 1


    ▪ Number of Bans: 4


    ▪ Ban Timer: 20


    ▪ Number of Rounds: 12


    ▪ Attacker/Defender role swap: 6


    ▪ Overtime: 3


    ▪ Overtime Score Differance: 2


    ▪ Overtime Role Change: 1


    ▪ Objective rotation parameter: 2


    ▪ Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played


    ▪ Attacker unique spawn: On


    ▪ Pick Phase Timer: 15


    ▪ 6th Pick Phase:On


    ▪ 6th Pick Phase Timer:5


    ▪ Reveal Phase Timer: 5


    ▪ Damage handicap: 100


    ▪ Friendly fire damage: 100


    ▪ Injured: 20


    ▪ Sprint: On


    ▪ Lean: On


    ▪ Death replay: Off




    2. Best of 3


    ▪ Number of Bans: 4


    ▪ Ban Timer: 20


    ▪ Number of Rounds: 12


    ▪ Attacker/Defender role swap: 6


    ▪ Overtime Rounds: Infinite


    ▪ Overtime Score Difference: 2


    ▪ Overtime role change: 1


    ▪ Objective rotation parameter: 2


    ▪ Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played


    ▪ Attacker unique spawn: On


    ▪ Pick Phase Timer: 15


    ▪ 6th Pick Phase:On


    ▪ 6th Pick Phase Timer:15


    ▪ Reveal Phase Timer: 5


    ▪ Damage handicap: 100


    ▪ Friendly fire damage: 100


    ▪ Injured: 20


    ▪ Sprint: On


    ▪ Lean: On


    ▪ Death Replay: Off




    3. Game mode: TDM BOMB


    ▪ Plant Duration: 7


    ▪ Defuse Duration: 7


    ▪ Fuse time: 45


    ▪ Preparation: 45


    ▪ Action: 180




    4.3. Operators, gadgets, equipment, attachments


    All Operators are allowed, unless tournament administration explicitly forbids it or they are marked as under evaluation. The tournament administration reserves the right to ban specific gadgets, operators, equipment or attachments at any time to guarantee that no advantage gets abused. Tournament administration will do their best to send any restrictions or rule changes to the teams as soon as possible. Operators currently in Evaluation Period:


    ▪ Ace


    ▪ Melusi




    4.4. Rehost Requests


    Rehost rules are specified below, including the conditions in which they will be allowed:


    ▪ Any issue before the preparation phase starts (Game, software or hardware related)


    ▪ Player can’t move (unless it’s done on purpose) – rehost in the first 30 seconds of the action phase, if no players have taken damage


    ▪ Game mechanic not working as intended (shooting, reloading, moving, gadgets, equipment, etc.) – rehost up to the first 30 seconds of the action phase, no damage taken by anyone


    ▪ Disconnect/hardware problem/software problem – rehost in the first 15 seconds of the preparation phase. On offline events, this timing is for the full duration of the preparation phase.


    ▪ Observer issue – rehost up to the first 30 seconds of the action phase, no damage taken by anyone


    ▪ Ping issue – In case a player/team experiences high ping, rehost request can be raised as long as the ping exceeds the game recommended 130ms Each team can receive up to 1 rehost per map maximum




    1. Rehost request procedure


    In case the above conditions are met, players should instantly request a rehost by writing in the ingame chat “rehost”, followed by the reason. Players should continue playing until the rehost is confirmed by an admin. Once confirmed, everyone should instantly leave the game.




    2. Continuing a Disrupted Game


    If a match is interrupted then it should be continued where it left off, by re-host. If a round is to be replayed due to a rehost, players must choose the same operators, same sixth pick, same starting sides, same bombsites, same equipment and same gadgets.




    3. Player Disconnect after rehost time


    If a player will disconnect after match time specified in Rehost request, the round will continue. If a player won’t reconnect till the end of a round, lobby will be remade. This redo of the lobby does not count as rehost that is requested by the team.

    1.Atomic Elements

    2.DaKu Clan

    3.Dead3ye Esports

    4.Deadly Koshai


    6.DSi Esports


    8.Exolic Esports

    9.Grid Gaming


    11.Juice Esports

    12.Knaves Gaming




    16.Nevermind Esports

    17.OBLIVION eSports


    19.Panther Esports



    22.Spectre Gaming

    23.Static Tribe

    24.TEAM APX

    25.Team AREA 69

    26.Team Cerberus

    27.Team Fuzaken

    28.Team Heat

    29.Team sovereignty

    30.Tm - Team 9Ti

    31.Ultra Instinct

    32.We Eat Bullets

    33.XTM Riot


    Have a question? Reach out to us:

    Email: [email protected]

    Discord: https://discord.gg/theesportsclub

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